Found an animated skeleton fish at Big Lots that looked like a piranha.  Since I had a black light setup that has been sitting in the attic for past 20 year I would put it to good use to make a new prop for 2017 Halloween season. 

Animated skeleton fish from Big Lots (3)
One 10" static piranha skeleton
15 Gallon aquarium or something similar
Two pieces of 1/16" x 3/4" x 36" of flat aluminium (Home Depot)
Blue light
UV paint
One frog from  Targe
10 pounds of rainbow rocks for bottom of aquarium
twisted pair wiring
Flat black spray pain
Zip ties
Items to put in bottom of aquairum (driftwood, black light fake plants.....)
Animiated hand purchased from Ebay.

Wire cutters & stripers
Philips screw driver

Perron Halloween Productions copyright 2007-2017
Animated Skeleton fish from Big Lots
Animated Skeleton fish from Big Lots can be activated by sound or by pressing the button on top of his head.  I want to be able to remote control the prop so the following will show you how to hack the activation button.
Remove the four Philip head screws that hold the two halves together.
Once open, locate and remove button sensor pad.
Soldered 22 guage twisted pair wire onto the sensor pad.  You may also just move the sensor and just splice the wires.
Tucked the sensor pad just under the drive motor.
Routed the wire out through the switch opening
Used black acrylic paint between the ribs and yellow UV acrylic paint for the bones.
Final results under the black UV light.
Purchased this frog at Target.  Added some teeth and painted with yellow UV acrylic paint.
Purchased animated hand off of Ebay and wired it just like the fish.  Painted the red areas with pink UV paint.
Cut the flat aluminium strip to the lenght I wanted.  created a loop to slip over the back lip of the tank.  Where the bends are place will determine how low youwant to fish and how close to the front of the tank.
Attached to the fish to the bracket with velcro.  This  allowed the fish to be positioned any way you want it.  Zip tied the wire to the bracket and then painted it flat black.
Put all the items into the fish tank
Frog likes finger foods
Under the black light