Halloween 2007 Grouchy Haven Halloween 2007

The weather for Halloween this year forced me to make a quick change (within a 24 hour period) from an outdoor display to an indoor one.  Wind gusts up to 40mph would not play nicely with many of the props.  In the end I believe it turn out pretty well.  Below are photos and a video of this years Halloween.  Enjoy! 
Entrance leading into the garage
The joking skeletons were a big hit.  Once they were zip-tie to their chairs they didn't mind the wind gusts.
The fence support were made with thick L shaped cardboard that was screwed together with dry wall screws
Below are photo showing how everyhting looking during the night.  The Red spot light had a nice effect. (Sorry for the poor quality photos had the wrong camera setting)
The Ground Breaking Coffin was new this year, and you all thought you've seen the last of Elvis.  (click here for how to)
The Kicking Skeleton Legs were also a new addition this year.  My 13 year old Frankenstein came our of retirement to help. 
On the other side of the garage there was enough space to put more items in place.
My 10 year old daughter had the idea for the sign below and carved out the pumpkins.
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